The Hot Sale High Lumen Mobile Solar Light Tower Features


 At present,solar light tower are widely used in military,railway, electric power, public security, and all kinds of large-scale construction work, mining operations field.The hot sale high lumen mobile solar light tower very suitable for mining operations lighting.

The solar light tower unique elliptical chimney design can make the light straight line injection to provide the best lighting effect. Without any tools, each lamp can be independent calibrated.The fast power connection are more easy to be disassembled before transportation.With the 360 degrees rotate mast can adjust the lighting according to different needs after on the rise.The hot sale mobile solar light tower are designed with compact,enhance,lightweight features.Not only can provide special lighting,but also convenient transportation.

mobile solar light tower

The mobile solar light tower machine body shell with the powder coating processing and locking function can protect all software within the body. Main mast and chimney is galvanized processing, provide excellent corrosion protection effect.With four strong outriggers treated by galvanized can also to provide reliable support and balance no matter under the rugged construction sites or strong wind.

Telescopic mast be selected from 6 to 9 meters,with 50kgs load bearing and 100kph windproof ability.If you have special requirement,we can also provide ODM/OEM service. We are the professional solar light tower manufacturers from china.VALIANT products have been exported to more than 50 countries all over the world.