How To Install Portable Solar LED Light Tower?


If you are not understand about the install method of portable solar led light tower.You can refer to the following installation methods.

First,install the lifting rod support.

Second,install drag rod.With the support bar will train all jacking, mount tires, the tire nut.

Third, will drag rod inserted into the body, bolted from inside the body, then put down the front support legs, adjust the supporting feet to a suitable height.
Fourth, installation of wire rope.The lifting rod placed horizontally, lifting lever bottom wire rope through the pulley position the square hole at the bottom of the car body, pulled out from under the car bottom pulley groove parts, attention must be stuck in wire rope pulley groove, and then install the steel wire rope on the winch, here to pay attention to the direction of rotation of the electric winch, and steel wire rope is fixed with the pin, Place the lifting lever to the bracket (big head forward), put on a fixed pin, put on a split pin.

The four lamp holder, in turn, is fixed on the beam.

Four lamp holder of input cable connected to the lifting lever at the top of the junction box, in accordance with the requirements for graphic connected line, pay attention to four socket connection order.

Solar LED Light Tower

Fifth, pull open all the bar until the dowel pin plug in automatically, will support feet firmly contact tide up the feet and the ground in strong winds.

Sixth, start the winch until light pole upright, will be at the bottom of the light pole safety latch lock, prevent lifting rod shaking;

Seventh, run the beacon lighting function;
Pull to adjust Angle of solar panels, solar panels and lock solar panels positioning nut (see 9), the solar panel at the bottom of the cable connected to the body.
(manual control) is the total power switch to the open position; The remote control/manual switch to manual position; The control switch of each lamp separately according to the open position, until all the lights.
(remote control) to set the total power switch to the open position; The remote control/manual switch to the remote location; Press the remote control lamp 1, 2, 3 lamp, lamp light 4 button, until all the lights.

Solar LED Light Tower

Eighth, lifting lever lifting operations
Pull the lifting lever in central safety pin (if not please throw lifting switch to drop the location of the 1 second). Turn the switch to the up position lifting lever up, pull when lifting lever in position move direction switch to drop to the location of the lifting lever down.
Rain lifting lever: check the lifting lever down direction, ensure no staff activities; Ensure the lifting lever by tight at the bottom of the car body, pull out the safety pin, throw lifting switch to the down position, lifting lever needs to slow down; When lifting lever down a fixed pin on the rear of the car body, prevent mobile lifting lever when sliding. (note: drop please ensure the horizontal position of the solar panels before lifting lever)

Ninth, solar panels Angle adjustment
Loosen the lifting rod bracket at the bottom of the lock nut, grasped bracket at the top of the downward force to the Angle of the lock at the bottom of the lock nut. (adjustable Angle 0-50 degrees).

Tenth, mobile beacon
Turn off the lamps and lanterns to turn off the power switch; Pull the cable at the bottom of the solar panels curl solar panels and lock solar panels positioning pin; Flat solar panels; Put down lifting lever; The towing pull rod connected to the trailer is firm; Pack up weight from foot to foot; Relax hand brake. Light can hang in the car, mobile, or bar, make sure that front lever lock, beams and support legs fully recover until the dowel pin automatically locked.