High lumen efficacy lighting tower for night construction lighting


 1.Lighting performance:  Medallions composed of  3 × 2000W metal halide lamp.


According to site needs to be done separately for each head up and down angle adjustment, 360-degree rotation to achieve illumination; also can install the cap lamp panel in uniform cloth lighting to the four directions.Overall lighting, high brightness, large-scale.



2.Lifting performance: chosen section 4 telescopic cylinder as the fluctuation adjustment mode, the maximum height of 9m, lighting covering a radius of 35-55 meters.


3. Work time: When using generator power, a fuel fill more than 13 hours of continuous work, 220V, power can be a long time lighting.


4.Operational: wireless remote can control each lamp on and off within 50 meters, using a manual pump or valve control lift telescopic rod.


5. Applications: Medallions, cylinder and generator sets for the bottom of the iron wheels with caster, and the overall structure, generator sets, can be run on the road and rail potholes. Overall quality imported metal materials, compact structure, stable performance, to ensure that work in a variety of harsh environments and weather conditions, rain, water, wind resistance rating of eight.


6.Can be customized: in order to meet customer demands, if the standard configuration of this product can not meet the operational needs of users, we can raise the height of the generator and the cap quantity, power, flood or spotlight, telescopic gas bar equipment adjusted according to your requirements.